• Located in Homagama, the new economic hub with exponential value growth that’s becoming the most shought-after area for dwellings.
  • Quick and easy access to all highways through Kottawa. Within minutes, the proposed network of highways and light rail train connect you to all parts of the country
  • Hassle-free access to public transportation – busses, trains and even taxi services are available throughout the day
  • Set in very close proximity to some of the thriving industrial cities and businesses that have been predicted to double in size in 2025
  • 30-Minute drive to and from the Airport via newly developed roadways and expressways
  • Land value rising annually at an exponential rate due the region’s infrastructural and technological advancements that are expected to even cities like Hong Kong and Dubai
  • HEALTH : Located in the area are some of the top hospitals and healthcare centres with well-maintained branch networks expected to future expand in the near future.
  • EDUCATION : Convenient access to the country’s intentionally recognised colleges and universities including the Green University
  • FAMILY BONDING With the rapid development of the roadways and expressway networks in the vicinity you are always closest to your heart. You don’t have to think twice when you can effortlessly visit your loved ones in any part of rge country at anytime
  • AN INVESTMENT MADE FOR YOUR LITTLE ONES : The property value is expected to rise annually making it a great investment made for you little one’s future. Whether it’s for higher education, marriage or whatever the future brings forth, the property will undoubtedly be a smart investment made today for your chil’s tomorrow
  • A PEACEFUL RETIREMENT PLAN : Enjoy a peaceful and dignified retreat with the assurance of revenue generating opportunities through rental returns or liquidity upon retirement no matter where you are in the world.


Option (01)


  • 2 storied (Ground Floor + First Floor)
  • 2 Bed rooms / 2 Wash rooms / Open Terrace.
  • Additional Extra Bed room Rs.500,000
  • Additional Open Terrace Tiling Rs.390,000

Option (02)


  • 3 storied (Ground Floor + First Floor +2nd Floor room+ Roof Open Terrace)
  • 3 Bed rooms + 3 wash roomsopen terrace fully tiled
  • Additional Extra Bed room Rs.500,000

Option (03)

19.99 Mn

  • 3 storied + Open roof terrace
  • 3 Bed rooms / 3 Wash rooms
  • Additional tiling for open terrace Rs.390,000/-
  • L shape pantry comes under the package.

Option (04)
Only in Premier Zone

21.99 Mn

  • 3 storied + Open roof terrace
  • 4 Bed rooms / 3 Wash rooms
  • (Bedroom or TV lobby can include under the package)
  • Additional tiling for open terrace Rs.390,000/-



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Mobile : +94 71 517 1111
Mail: [email protected]



Established over a decade ago, Aspic Homes (Pvt) Ltd. Is a prestigious family owned business with a clear vision of creating enhanced living spaces for all .With this in mind, the company presents its semi luxurious housing scheme built to give its occupants a sophisticated living experience at an affordable rate. As responsible citizens of the nation, the dedicated team at Aspic Homes is committed towards achieving their positive motives and bringing the company’s vision to life in every possible manner

We think two heads are better than one, and 10 heads are better than two. That’s why we work in partnership – with each other and you.We work with more than 15 local authorities to help keep towns and cities running smoothly, Our collaborative approach means we get the job done, on time and to budget. Our clients trust us to deliver – whether it’s providing key utilities, collecting refuse, or maintaining roads and railways.
We believe in sharing our knowledge and learning from best practices. It’s how we make sure we do things a bit better every day.

We understand delivering public services faces challenges, budget restrictions and deadlines. That’s why we priorities concerns and work in partnership with communities and clients – to help you meet your goals and overcome any challenges along the way.Building strong, open relationships with the people we work with – internally and externally – helps us create solid foundations on every project. It allows us the flexibility to leverage our international expertise and bring fresh ideas to the table.

We work in partnership with some of the world’s biggest asset owners. Helping them to make better decisions every day.Decisions for assets like roads, railway lines, airports and bridges. Decisions that take into account long-term maintenance costs, as well as operational costs.So we won’t design a bridge that looks impressive but costs a fortune to run. We call this ‘clever engineering’. It’s ‘clever’ because we think about the safety requirements and the disruption costs. And because we have some really smart people turning complex data into real solutions every day.



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